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     My relationship with amber jewelry has lasted a very long time. My interest in amber started as a little girl when I traveled to the Baltic Sea with my family during the summers in Poland. My sister and I would collect bits of amber that had washed up on the beach shore after storms and we would sort them on blankets when we got home. I was fascinated by the little glimmering pieces of million year old sap that the ocean had split out for us. I continued collecting amber all though college and it was then that I started taking metal working classes. Amber is a very delicate stone and difficult to work with without damaging it. This attribute of amber encouraged  me to learn how to incorporate it with silver.

     The idea of making jewelry as a business started in 2002. I was born in Poland and since the Baltic Sea is the largest source of amber in the world, I decided on the production of amber jewelry set in silver. During my annual trip to Europe, I buy amber of different types, sizes, and colors. Additionally, I buy sheets of sterling silver and also spools of sterling silver wire. I make designs of silver settings into which these amber pieces will fit. I cut and polish the raw amber stone as well as the silver wire and shape my designs using heat and other tools. Lastly, I set the amber pieces in the silver setting. Since no two pieces of amber are the same, each piece of jewelry is one of a kind. I am proud to list the following awards I have won during my career as a jeweler:

     1. Fine Arts Festival | Dixon, IL | Best Jewelry 2009 | $200 Award

     2. Arts Festival | Grand Detour, IL | Best Jewelry 2011 | $300 Award

     3. Fine Art | Homewood, IL | 2nd Award of Excellence 2013 | $200 Award

     4. Art Fair | Park Forest IL | Best Jewelry 2013 | $750 Award