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Amber is an organic gem as it is the fossilized resin of trees. It occurs in many parts of the world but most of the deposits are small and not of a quality to make jewelry.

Slightly harder than a finger-nail, amber is very light, soft, and floats in water. Because it is so light, very large and dynamic amber jewelry pieces can be worn comfortably and with ease.

The region of the Baltic Sea in Europe has large deposits of quality amber. Baltic amber is at least 40 million years old and is the fossilized resin of the ancient conifer tree.

Baltic amber has been a subject of fascination for many years. The first written record comes from Homer in 700 B.C. when in his famous work “The Odyssey” he describes “a golden chain of exquisite workmanship strung with amber beads that gleamed like the sun”. But the physical history of this captivating gemstone begins millions of years ago in an ancient pine forest.



When it comes to healing powers, few gems can match Baltic amber. It is used today as an alternative medicine for treating join pain and arthritic ailments, and for reducing inflammation of the throat, ear, and stomach as well as fighting against irritation, infections, and respiratory disease. Baltic amber contains high levels of succinic acid, a chemical that helps regulate the metabolism of the human body. As amber warms from our body heat, it releases succinic acid which can be absorbed into the skin and then into the bloodstream. Studies have shown that succinic acid is very beneficial in the relief of long-standing illnesses and exhaustion, making Baltic amber a good “all-round healer”. Since amber is believed to have the power of the sun, wearing amber jewelry is said to boost optimism, facilitate self-expression, signify friendship and bring victory. Amber is also a powerful gem offering against evil spirits.  

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